May 22, 2009


messenger bikes

while walking along the east river in new york, i noticed that the bike lane looked interesting, but kinda blah-looking, so i thought i'd accessorize it a bit. LOL

rags2riches by aranaz bag and ugly doll key chain...

sporting a ms. marc marc by marc jacobs bag...

and donning an armani exchange messenger bag.

May 21, 2009


enjoy the ride

i love roller coaster rides. in fact, i love heights! the first time tom and i went on a date, i took him to subic to try bungee jumping. he was game to do it despite his fear of heights, and that's when i knew he was for keeps. hahaha...

when we were still all in new york, i reminded tom and aryanna that when they get to california they should go to one of the amusement parks and try some of the rides. aryanna was very excited, but tom had second thoughts, but thanks to my evil eyes, he promised he would.

aryanna is just like me when it comes to rides — the scarier the ride, the better!

check out knott's berry farm's awesome rides:

"xcelerator the ride"
ichigo rating: "ooooooommmmmmmmggggggggg! one more time! AGAIN AGAIN!" O:

open your eyes!

"montezooma's revenge"
ichigo rating: awesome, but needs more loops.
mr. roboto rating: fist clenching. scream factor: 5!

"sierra sidewinder"
ichigo rating: dizzying yet weirdly hilarious.
mr. roboto rating: locked jaw. back-breaking.

"rip tide"
spin factor: 10!

ichigo: can we ride again, alison?
alison: *sighs heavily* oh-kay...

"la revolucion"
ichigo rating: neck-breakling awesome! one more time!
aryanna's cousin and roller coaster buddy, alison (tom's niece), was such a sport to accompany aryanna on all the rides. thanks, ali!

"supreme scream"
buko: how was supreme scream?
ichigo: i didn't scream, i giggled.
mr. roboto: i hate this! i hate this! what's that sound?
ichigo: what sound?
mr. roboto: whhhoooooooaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

these are the rides of your life!

May 17, 2009


be my baby... forever.

tom and aryanna had a bit of photo op at my mother-in-law's living room. mom collects dolls (she makes her own) and crystals and she displays them liberally in her pristine living room. tom and i used to tease mom that the reason why she has a spotless living room is because no one was allowed to sit in it. kidding. lol... if i had expensive breakables in my living room, i would probably even put a sign: NICE TO LOOK AT, NICE TO HOLD, BUT IF YOU BREAK IT, IT'S CONSIDERED SOLD! hahaha...

the dolls in the photos look eerie as they seem so real, but aryanna loves them. most kids do.

aryanna with my mom-in-law's pooch, nikki. so cute!

on ichigo:
mickey mouse furry hat (from tokyo disneyland), better than bare polka dot dress and topshop heart bag.

ichigo: i 'heart' dolls.

nice try. not till you're 40, baby! lol

May 04, 2009


don't ever look back

watching aryanna reminds me of how life should be.

this is another cool shot that tom took of aryanna at oceanside beach during one of their morning walks.

remember how it feels to be young...


and free?

aryanna loves the gifts she got from designer rhett eala

on ichigo:
collezione 'doodle' polo shirt and custom-made 'manila' skirt, all by designer rhett eala; nooka watch; converse sneakers; heart bag from topshop; sash, aryanna's own creation

ichigo: i 'heart' rusty pipes.

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