June 10, 2010


dad and daughter adventure

it's been an annual tradition for tom and aryanna to go off to some (local) exotic place and have a dad and daughter bonding time.  they have been doing this for the last three years. last year, they went off to pansukian resort in siargao, surigao. it's actually our favorite family summer destination. it's where we surf, hang out, and tan. we've been going to the resort for almost six years! sadly, the resort will close down this year and a new management will build another resort. so it was perfect timing that tom and aryanna were able to stay there last year. we will miss owner nicholas rambeau, his girl friend gae, and their dogs napoleon and chocolat (french accent pls.)

this year's destination is... batanes! as early as august 2009, we all planned a trip to visit the island as it is one of my husband's favorite place in the world (he's been to batanes many times working in the past with the dept. of tourism.) but since we have a new baby, only tom and aryanna were able to go. it's ok, dylan and i are having our own little adventure at home.

tom really loves the phillipines. i think he has been to more places in the philippines than me and i've always been embarrassed about that. anyway, i should try to travel around the my country more.

my husband and daughter are now in batanes as i write this. they are doing a bike trip! yes, they ride a bike almost everywhere in batanes. i wonder how they could spend the whole day biking around. the pictures that they emailed me answered my query:

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mr. roboto is free wheeling!

the hills are alive in batanes! what! a! view!

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ichigo rocks!

i will update all of you about tom and aryanna's bike trip in batanes. all i can say for now is... there is a book involved. so exciting!

stay tuned!

June 04, 2010


an exhibit

the invitation:

the press release:

"April 26, 2010 -- A photography exhibit at The Gallery M of The Makati Shangri-la Hotel, showcased the most recent works of Tom Epperson, famed, Philippine based photographer. 
Attended by Tom’s supporters and a group of hip young art collectors, the exhibit boasted of a unique perspective into “capturing” still life in ice and elevating the process into a meticulous art unique to the photographer.  This concept recently won accolades in a recent New York exhibit entitled '12 Below' at the Tyler Rollins Gallery. The works were called a unique showcase of modern prints from a Southeast Asian perspective. 

Tom Epperson chose this occasion to show a collection of prints that are all representative of this newly-discovered theme.  It is inspired by his concern for the environment and proves to be the perfect platform for his perfect interpretation of the juxtaposition of water with light. 

Shot on location while standing on the thin ice that cover the depths of Mongolia’s frozen lakes, the photo prints are very much like abstract watercolor.  Each print from the collection shows a point of view that cannot be duplicated or simulated making each one of them such important pieces as the artist had one time to shoot these and perfect them. 

The artist even thinks that he may never have the chance to do this ever again. 
The event established Tom Epperson as the innovative photographer/artist that he has evolved into throughout many years of architecture, commercial works and critical success. 

 To order prints, email tom.snapbox@gmail.com."

the photos:

Untitled #1

Untitled #2

Untitled #3

Untitled #4

Untitled #5

Untitled #6

Untitled #7

Untitled #8

Untitled #9

Untitled #10

Untitled #11

Untitled #12

Untitled #13

Untitled #14

the man:

mr. roboto

the truth:

ichigo: "dad ate yak testicles in mongolia."



character building

like any newborn, dylan used to sleep the whole time. he would only wake up when he wanted to be fed or have his diaper changed then conks out almost instantly. boring.

now that he is four months old, there are a few hours in a day that he stays awake. he coos a lot and plays with ichigo, buko, and mr. roboto. not boring.

everyday we see changes in his face. he's growing up to be such a character. what do you think?

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on baby borris: calvin klein striped onesies—thanks, tita jackie!
our favorite of the lot is the one in the middle! we call it the 'durrrr' look! or according to his nanny, the 'weh!' look! hahaha!

which look is your favorite?

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