June 04, 2010


character building

like any newborn, dylan used to sleep the whole time. he would only wake up when he wanted to be fed or have his diaper changed then conks out almost instantly. boring.

now that he is four months old, there are a few hours in a day that he stays awake. he coos a lot and plays with ichigo, buko, and mr. roboto. not boring.

everyday we see changes in his face. he's growing up to be such a character. what do you think?

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on baby borris: calvin klein striped onesies—thanks, tita jackie!
our favorite of the lot is the one in the middle! we call it the 'durrrr' look! or according to his nanny, the 'weh!' look! hahaha!

which look is your favorite?


elizar33 said...

i love number 9...

kinda like he's saying " oh cmon" or "weh"

*MrsMartinez* said...

I can't concentrate lol My choice is the one in the middle!

I'm Razielle, I love hopia. said...

what a cute and precious baby!

Clarisse said...

the second, with the raised eyebrows. ^__^

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