November 30, 2009


"i like shiny sparkly things"
 'tis the season for all things with bulbs.

ichigo: "i wonder why i like chandeliers so much?"
buko: "do you know the story of the moth to flame?"
ichigo: "you're right! i'm mesmerized by all those shiny bright bulbs!"
buko: "i know how you feel. it's like, must. touch. them."
ichigo: *hypnotized* "must. touch. them bulbs."
buko: "go for it!"
ichigo: *runs up the stairs of makati shangri-la hotel and stretches arms to the giant chandelier*
"must... must... touch... them... bulbs... aaaaaaaa..."
buko: "so?"
ichigo: "almost. i'll try again next year. my arms will be longer by then."
buko: "ok."

  on ichigo: chandelier print t-shirt, japanese pop culture project; white denim skirt with suspenders, levi's; leggings, zara; shoes, converse

 ichigo: "i have a bright idea!"...

sparkly christmas ornaments found at the main lobby of the makati shangri-la hotel.

buko: "what?"
ichigo: "i can touch these shiny christmas tree balls instead!"


one of the boys?

since it was bonifacio day (holiday), aryanna and i decided to "celebrate" at bonifacio high street. little did i know that "celebrate" meant aryanna hanging out with her peeps, while i did the usual boring adult stuff (according to aryanna, looking at furniture is boring).

aryanna's gear:

black wooden bead necklace, a cuteture sneak peek. striped knitted shirt from zara.

cream bonnet, zara

milk sling pouch, toy kingdom; white shorts, lost girl; leggings, zara; maryjanes, keds; d-board, toy kingdom

aryanna: "let's roll!"

aryanna's "peeps"

ichigo: "mom, stop taking photos!" *shakes head*
buko: "just one!"
ichigo: "you already took two shots!"
buko: "fine. i'll leave."

*after an hour
"i think it's time to leave."
ichigo: "what? no! not yet, please?"
buko: "ok, so when do you want to go?"
ichigo: "i'll let you know when. why don't you go look at more furniture?"
buko: *pfft!*

*one of the wheels of aryanna's d-board breaks
ichigo: *shows me the broken wheel* "mom..."
buko: "i guess it's finally time to leave, huh?"
ichigo: "yeah. it's a sign."
buko: "you think?"
ichigo: "thanks mom. i owe you!"
buko: *evil grin* "in that case, go with me to bo concept".
ichigo: "mom, i came here to d-board, not get bored!"
buko: *lol*

November 29, 2009



i was invited by my best friend tim yap to go on a trip to thailand last july. it was one of the best trips i've ever had with my friends!

shopping was great too as it was bangkok's annual summer sale. i scored lots of great finds but i got aryanna the best dress ever! her first ever couture dress:

attack of the manga couture!
aryanna is wearing k. goong manga couture dress from eight e eight eight. it was the only one of its kind that was produced. designer k. goong uonly used it for her fashion show in japan. i was lucky to have found this dress. tim bought the tuxedo jacket version of it.

manga dress by designer k. goong
aryanna is way too young for couture but not for cuteture;)

great manga details

layers of tulle and satin fabrics under the dress

what's really interesting is that the dress is made from tarpaulin material with printed manga. this piece was made for aryanna.

eight e eight eight

ichigo: "mom! i love it! it's perfect!" *hugs mom*
buko: "i had to buy it. i know the dress was for you."
ichigo: "thanks mom!"
buko: "try it on!"
ichigo: "huh? no way! i'll read it first."
buko: *scratches head*

*photography by tom epperson

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