February 22, 2010


like doctor, like patient

dylan's first baby day out was to his pediatrician at makati medical center. 

what's up, doc?
meet dylan's pediatrician, dr. aye nuguid.

i thought i'd dress up dylan appropriately since it was his first day out! lol

height, weight, check.

motor skills, check.

if dylan could talk or sing, he would probably say...
(to the tune of bon jovi's 'you give love a bad name') "shot through the butt and you're to blame!" hahaha!

that's all folks!



tom was on dylan duty last saturday so that aryanna and i can spend some quality time together.

we decided to hang out at the bookstore and then we bought some cookies after. 

check out the goodies we found!


choco chip cookies with coconut! who knew?

coco... not!
this tasted more like pressed dried grass than a cookie! *bleech!*



strawberry sticks

 strawberry burst

 strawberry dip

 ichigo + buko =

coconut cookies with strawberry cream

finally, what are cookies without...


"i love milk!"

on ichigo: shirt, topshop; shorts, urban outfitters; sneakers, converse; hat, zara; glass milk carton, fred


the 'lumpia' man

it's been thirteen years since i last had a baby. i forgot how tiny they were!

every time the nurse would bring dylan in my room or whenever we'd visit him in the nursery, he'd be wrapped up like a 'lumpia' (spring rolls) looking cute and cozy.

it's a wrap!

dylan's nurse taught me how to swaddle him like a 'lumpia'! lol

this photo busts us all up! so cute! hahaha!

our little 'lumpia' man is unwrapped and finally home.
we love you finnster!


we've been busy

i know it's been months since i last blogged but something major has happened... i got pregnant! :D

a quick summary:

suite for my sweets!
my best friends tim, tess, and lounell threw a baby shower for me at 'suite', the fort.  ange of 'the sweet life' whipped up all the yummy treats! thanks guys!
ichigo, buko and mr. roboto would like to thank everyone for making my baby shower special!

ready to pop!
last january 26 my doctor told me... "it's time."
this photo was taken at makati medical center's delivery lounge minutes before I was wheeled in the delivery room.
sheez, i looked so swollen! hahaha! i'm ready!

while i was being prepped for my delivery, tom and aryanna also did their own "prepping up":

orderly: "can i help you there sir?"
mr. roboto: "well, certainly."

ichigo: "uhm, what about some help over here!"

what to do while waiting:

 organize paper works

 lay down on the hospital floor because it looks so clean but in reality it's not but who cares, i'm a kid.

 take a photo behind the glass window

take a photo behind the glass window while blowing a raspberry.

at 7pm...

this photo was taken minutes after the baby was born! take note of the his "welcome" pose! :D

 meet the newest member of the fam!
ichigo, buko, and mr. roboto presents... dylan finn epperson a.k.a. "baby borris" (with russian accent!) lol

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