February 22, 2010


the 'lumpia' man

it's been thirteen years since i last had a baby. i forgot how tiny they were!

every time the nurse would bring dylan in my room or whenever we'd visit him in the nursery, he'd be wrapped up like a 'lumpia' (spring rolls) looking cute and cozy.

it's a wrap!

dylan's nurse taught me how to swaddle him like a 'lumpia'! lol

this photo busts us all up! so cute! hahaha!

our little 'lumpia' man is unwrapped and finally home.
we love you finnster!


babyjourney said...

i used a swaddler to "swaddle my LO when he was a baby :) The velcos helped a lot! I cannot do the lumpia thing that the midwives does :)

Ichigo and Buko, "Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto!" + Baby Borris said...

I bought a velcro swaddle but can't seem to figure it ou.

Anonymous said...

How gwapo.

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