April 28, 2009



mobile phone rings...
hello! mom, someone doesn't like me.
buko: how's that possible?
ichigo: apparently, i'm not that charming.
buko: aryanna, you are the nicest, friendliest person i know. i'm sure this person just needs to get to know you. who is this person anyway?
ichigo: kiera.
buko: that's a nice name. anyway, i think you should get to know her more. talk to her.
ichigo: i can't.
buko: *annoyed* just talk to her, aryanna.
ichigo: *chuckles* i cant, mom.
buko: why not?!!
ichigo: she can't speak.
buko: oh, she's mute?
ichigo: not really... here talk to her...
buko: *confused*
kiera: *barks*
buko: @&!!%

super cute kiera is aryanna's aunt linda and uncle stu's pooch

aryanna's strategy to get kiera (read: hug her).
so cute!


style harvest

these photos were taken at an open field that tom and aryanna chanced upon while driving to san clemente, california. we live in the concrete jungle so it's a treat to see a field full of blooms! it goes without saying, aryanna enjoyed the area.

i think it's great that they took time to literally, smell the flowers, and of course, shoot!

air run: ichigo series

aryanna's cupcake skirt is so cute and i love the light gray color! my assistant, nina, brought the skirt in one of our shoots, when aryanna saw it, she instantly fell in love with it. check out glitterati's online store!

mr. roboto: give me your best "bond balls" look. (i will explain this in my coming entries.)
ichigo: *lol*

on ichigo: zara (limited edition) blazer, topshop t-shirt, glitterati skirt, converse sequins sneaks and sparkly hairband.

April 26, 2009


no fuzzy bunnies

tom and aryanna spent easter at sherry's (sis-n-law) house in laguna beach, and from the looks of it, they had a blast! here are photos to remind me (again) of what i've missed out on.

darn! i love water gun fights!

lady in red. sherry (tom's eldest sis)

on the hunt. linda (tom's younger sis) and alison (tom's niece)

ali and friend, mimi

eggs + liquor = water gun fight!

alison: take cover, mom!
sherry: *falls over... snap...snap...*

mom: stop it, tommy!
tom comes from a family of jokers and mom is the master prankster! my mother-in-law is a hoot! lol... i have a better photo of her in the coming entries.

caught in the act! ha!

i love that my in-law's easter goodie bag had cute knick knacks, chocolates, jelly beans and liquor — my kind of famiglia! hahaha...

April 24, 2009


mad max on the loose

mr. roboto's air running skills has been put to the test—jumping over a traffic cone! will he make it?

mr. roboto: aryanna! you cut my head off!
ichigo: *rofl*
buko: i think the photo looks better with your head out of frame. *snickers*


mr. roboto: that's all folks!

on mr. roboto: leather jacket and striped beanie, springfield; kenneth cole t-shirt; zara cargo pants, topshop socks, merrell rubber shoes; fossil watch

April 22, 2009



i think if you have a photographer as a dad, a stylist mom, and there's an opportunity (read: cool location), a fashion shoot is in order.

i was blown away by the photos that my husband took of aryanna in the desert! the pictures are stunning! i really love aryanna's cute and cool style! do you think i've used enough exclamation points on this post?!!!

ichigo: was that a tumbleweed?


ichigo: ok, let's move location now.

ichigo: i think it's time to...

... jump!

ichigo: uhm, dad, is that a scorpion i see?

ichigo: are we done yet, dad?
mr. roboto: last one... hundred.

our little wildflower.

on ichigo: topshop coat and tank top, diesel jeans, nooka watch, duck cap (part of a costume bought in tokyo), converse sneaks

April 21, 2009


60 mph

when the cat (apparently me) is away, the mice will play... hard... crazy.

my family flew to l.a. to visit tom's side of the family. my in-laws are a fun bunch so i can understand why tom is such a riot. i'm well aware that by staying in new york, i'd be missing out on the fun! fun! fun! stuff that husband's family has prepared for them. but i wanted to bond with my dad, mom, and brother, whom i terribly missed after not seeing them for a while so i stayed behind in gotham city .

here are reminders (believe me, there are more) of what i missed out on. *sniffles*

when there's a motorhome involved, it could only mean one thing: someone's going places!

aryanna's uncle stu (tom's bro-in-law) and kiera (the cutest bichon frisé) inside their motorhome.
tom's sister and brother-in-law are passionate about two things: wine and...

no, not the desert, but close...

dune buggies! woo-hoo!

ichigo: let's get those things started!

on ichigo: t-shirt from barney's; diesel jeans and scarf; giordano concepts arm warmers; converse sneaks.

aryanna with her aunt linda (tom's sister). she is one col sister-in-law! you'll meet more of mr. roboto's family in the coming entries.

ichigo: i'm ready!!!

mr. roboto: be careful, aryanna.
ichigo: eat my dust, dad!
mr. roboto: bring it on!


keep on reading!

we are tickled pink that "mrs. lavendula" of 'our daily blog' has taken a liking to ichigo & buko. thanks for featuring our blog in your site! we lav et!!!


we've become a favorite! woo-hoo!

April 20, 2009


"pack up, dad!"

if there's anyone who's good at packing, it's my husband. he is the master packer. lol

he has a knack of making things fit in tight places. lol... ok, i have to stop now. besides, this is a family blog. :D

aryanna the "superintendent" oversees her dad's packing.

ichigo: *standing*
mr. roboto: what are you doing? help out, aryanna.
ichigo: *helps out in packing*
mr.roboto: step back! you've invaded the packing zone.
ichigo: i thought you wanted me to help?
mr. roboto: just. hand. me. the stuff.
ichigo: *rolls eyeballs*
mr. roboto: you still do not possess the proper skills of a master packer, young pada wan.
ichigo & buko: pffft.

here are some of the clothes that araynna put together to bring to l.a. i think they are the cutest!

master roboto

April 19, 2009


second, third, fourth wind

it was a chilly and windy easter in new york. my brother and sister-in-law took me to brunch at cafeteria, a trendy and cozy resto located at 119 7th ave. i'm glad they chose cafeteria as it was the perfect place to celebrate easter. i love the modern interior and the food was delectable!

i was bit sad because tom and aryanna flew to l.a. to celebrate easter with tom's family. it's been a while since my husband has seen his mom, sisters, niece, nephew, and in-laws. it was also a perfect time for aryanna to bond with her dad's side of the family. i decided to stay in ny as i wanted to spend time with my dad, mom, brother, and cousins. i wish i had time to fly out to l.a. too as i miss my in-laws. they are quite a fun bunch to hang out with. you'll see what i mean in my coming entries. they are a hoot!

i read mixed reviews about this 24-hour joint, but after trying it out, i give it two thumbs up!

i like your place here.
waiter: you should come here around 4 am and see the real cafeteria. *evil grin*
buko: hmm... i like.

i wish the weather was more agreeable. it would've been nice to eat al fresco.

cool cafeteria menus! i love how they used characters as models.

did you have a hoppy eggster?

i like haunts that have lots of lights pouring in. makes brunch cheery and delightful.

my sister-in-law, sheryl, is 5 months pregnant. congrats! aryanna's first cousin on my side of the family is finally on his way! it's a boy! woo-hoo!

enjoy the food porn!
i like splenda and skim milk in my cup of joe.

cafeteria's famous for its fried chicken waffle. i've never had them before, both my bro and sis-in-law ordered it, and it was divine!

i had my usual steak and eggs. it was ok, but not as good as the fried chicken waffle. dang!

instead of toast, i ordered a biscuit. i love their biscuit! it's crumbly with a hint of saltiness-- just the way i like it!

after brunch, i asked my sister-in-law to take a photo of me with cafeteria's façade, but it was too windy to capture a descent shot! grr...

sheryl: ready...
buko: wait!

sheryl: ready...
buko: wait!

sheryl: ready...
buko: wait!

sheryl: ready...
buko: wait!

on buko: knitted sweater, bazaar find; brooch, mbmj ms. marc; black t-shirt, uniqlo; skirt, lui-jo; leggings, sm; bag, lv stephen sprouse; sunglasses, prada; platform maryjanes, ysl.

buko: that's it! just take a shot of my shoes! *lol*
sheryl: *lol*

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