April 28, 2009


style harvest

these photos were taken at an open field that tom and aryanna chanced upon while driving to san clemente, california. we live in the concrete jungle so it's a treat to see a field full of blooms! it goes without saying, aryanna enjoyed the area.

i think it's great that they took time to literally, smell the flowers, and of course, shoot!

air run: ichigo series

aryanna's cupcake skirt is so cute and i love the light gray color! my assistant, nina, brought the skirt in one of our shoots, when aryanna saw it, she instantly fell in love with it. check out glitterati's online store!

mr. roboto: give me your best "bond balls" look. (i will explain this in my coming entries.)
ichigo: *lol*

on ichigo: zara (limited edition) blazer, topshop t-shirt, glitterati skirt, converse sequins sneaks and sparkly hairband.


mochagroomergirl said...

Aryanna's irrepressible verve and incandescent beauty permeates the air...

MrsLavendula said...

beautiful photos as always!

nina said...

Aryanna rocks the tutu!!! It's perfect for her style and personality :) thanks Ichigo and Buko! ;) xx

nina said...

check out:


:):):) xx

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