April 15, 2009


i will always love you...

out of all the museums i've visited in new york,
the whitney museum of american art is the one i like best!

during our visit, we were fortunate enough to catch the show of one of my favorite artists, jenny holzer. she is an american conceptual artist whose main focus is the use of words and ideas in public space. her favorite mediums are street posters, led signs,benches, stickers, plaques, t-shirts, and the net. her truisms are simple yet powerful, and thought provoking.

i wanted to buy one of her books from the gift shop, but our friend marcel said that he'll "work" on getting me one. *wink* thanks, marcel!

below are not jenny holzer's words, but just as powerful:

"i hope life treats you kind
and i hope you have all you've dreamed of.
and i wish to you, joy and happiness.
but above all this, i wish you love."
-dolly parton

jenny holzer's exhibit runs from march 12 to may 31

if your child is 12 yrs. and below, they get in for free.

one of jenny holzer's led signs at the whitney museum

'enjoy yourself because you can't change anything anyway'
-jenny holzer

taken inside the whitney museum. i love the graphic lights.

check out mr. roboto's robotic pose and ichigo's let's-go-check-out-the-exhibits-now look.

the whitney museum has the coolest and most obscure-looking windows.

"ooh, what are you guys looking at?"
ichigo: "the street."

i 'heart'...

new york!


Pachee said...

Nice photos,as usual. I enjoy following this blog. And thanks for sharing Jenny Holzer. :D

ChichaJo said...

Really great photos of your cute daughter here! :) Love the jumping ones and the one when she is reading the Jenny Holzer book :)

nina said...

wow, this museum looks too cool. i love the led design!! trippy. ;)

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