April 08, 2009


the harbor cafe

one early morning, my husband decided to ramble in downtown manhattan in his quest to find a quirky cafe to have breakfast in. leave it to mr. roboto to find the perfect spot by the harbor.

we love cafes and diners with distinct character. this one definitely has one. check out the maps, photos, model ships, and knick knacks in the background!

i love this shot of aryanna and myself. did you say quirky?

my turn to play ds. i'm hopeless at it though.

after breakfast, we decided to walk along the harbor to burn off some of the grease we ate. it was cold that morning. brrr.

"i want body heat, dad."

this is totally a random shot.

mr. roboto:
"girls, can you jump for me. i want to test the flash setting of my canon."

ichigo & buko: *giddy* "sure!"

on ichigo: leather jacket from tita she, bayo long sleeves tee, custom made 'manila' skirt from collezione by rhett eala, mbmjmiss marc bag, leggings from sm and silver sequins converse. on buko: burberry coat, gap cardigan, marc by marc jacobs dress, boots bought in hk, dior sunnies, rIIr by aranaz 'maria rosa' bag with ugly doll key chain, and borrowed check scarf from mr. roboto.

buko: "i want a photo with the manhattan bridge in the background."
"hurry mom, it's cold!"
buko: "take the shot, hun! it's cold!"
mr. roboto:
"don't rush me if you want good shots!"

i love this photo! there are so many odd things going on: the ambulance in the background, the woman doing her morning jog, and me walking away from the ambulance as though i just came out of it. lol

i love this one too! tom was able to capture aryanna wedged inside one of the bridge's pillars as a woman was jogging by.


nina said...

I LOVE IT!!! you are wearing the mbmj pink and gray dress!!! it goes well with the boots! ichigo & buko, you look soooo cute in ny! and (mr. roboto too), hahaha ;)

Ichigo said...

Haha. Thanks Nina. :P
xxx, Ichigo. :]

♥AVA NICOLÉ♥ said...

i really love your family, ms. jenni:) i think you always bring out the fun side of life:) you certainly aren't the normal kind of family..and its nice to see that for a change:) hopefully we can bring up our son in a happy environment like aryanna:)

take care and more love and fun!

kittydee said...

cool pix! :)

that lady by the ambulance,
jogging with leather shoes??
too bizarre...and the pain!

Kae said...

oh my! i love every single photo! =)

ChichaJo said...

Found your blog through Mieke's :) I love it...wonderful to see your gorgeous family's quirkiness, love, and sense of fun in every photo! I will be back!

(ok, I must admit, I also love the clothes, heehee!)

Ichigo and Buko said...

thanks for visiting our blog! :)

Archie said...

the last photo with aryanna was hilarious! i can't stop laughing.

nice blog by the way. haha

cpsanti said...

loved the last shot! ;-) i don't think i could have squeezed myself in there. hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Found your blog through twitter-hopping, really love your photos, looks like a fun family. ^_^

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