April 28, 2009



mobile phone rings...
hello! mom, someone doesn't like me.
buko: how's that possible?
ichigo: apparently, i'm not that charming.
buko: aryanna, you are the nicest, friendliest person i know. i'm sure this person just needs to get to know you. who is this person anyway?
ichigo: kiera.
buko: that's a nice name. anyway, i think you should get to know her more. talk to her.
ichigo: i can't.
buko: *annoyed* just talk to her, aryanna.
ichigo: *chuckles* i cant, mom.
buko: why not?!!
ichigo: she can't speak.
buko: oh, she's mute?
ichigo: not really... here talk to her...
buko: *confused*
kiera: *barks*
buko: @&!!%

super cute kiera is aryanna's aunt linda and uncle stu's pooch

aryanna's strategy to get kiera (read: hug her).
so cute!

1 comment:

Telai Jarabelo said...

awww. the pooch is tooooo cute! :)

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