April 08, 2009



my brother and sister-in-law took us to new jersey for some serious discount shopping. on our way, we stopped by ihop (international house of pancake) for breakfast. aryanna and i were looking forward to try their food (we've never had them) as mr. roboto's been gushing about the delectable fare since arriving new york-- "you guys have to try ihop's belgian waffles, french toast, and strawberry pancakes!" oh-kay...

too bad my husband didn't come with us even for breakfast, but i guess he did not want to witness the demise of our bank account so he opted to stay in ny to go around the museums, and check out more galleries. good decision, hun. :D

ichigo: "welcome to ihop!"

ichigo: "shhh... don't tell dad."

enjoy the food porn!
ichigo and buko: "we smell butter!"

pancake syrup
"ahh... the variety..."

cup of joe

aryanna ordered the fruit pancake with strawberry and whipped cream toppings. she almost gagged when she saw the generous amount of whipped cream her order came with! it almost covered the whole pancake! i'm glad she didn't finish the whole stack or i would have asked her to do laps and jumping jacks before shopping. kidding.

this is what i ordered...

the stuffed french toast was a small portion, but the ingredients were deadly!

the cream and strawberries were mouthwatering, and the bread was perfectly cooked. yum!

we normally don't smile in photos, but eating too much carbs can make you do silly things. :D

this is what too much sugar can do to people. lol

sheryl and ryan
they just found out they're having a baby boy! congrats!!!

there were so many people waiting to be seated when we left. i'm glad we got there early.

we did a bit of photo op while waiting for my brother's 4x4. this is the time we needed mr. roboto's photography skills as some of our shots were blurred. oh well...

parting shot
aryanna took a cool snap of my favorite dior sunglasses inside the truck.


Giada said...

ichigoandbuko is fun!!! love your blog...

Anonymous said...

wow, im more impressed with your flawless skin than your cool dior sunnies! love your blog and will try to stop by the gallery and see tom's awesome exhibit when i visit nyc this month.

Kix said...

Nice blog! IHOP is really the best, in taste and calories! Haha

nina said...

OMG IHOP!!! hahaha! GOOD LUCK! lol. wee, you finally got those sunnies! i looove it on you, buko!!!

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