April 21, 2009


60 mph

when the cat (apparently me) is away, the mice will play... hard... crazy.

my family flew to l.a. to visit tom's side of the family. my in-laws are a fun bunch so i can understand why tom is such a riot. i'm well aware that by staying in new york, i'd be missing out on the fun! fun! fun! stuff that husband's family has prepared for them. but i wanted to bond with my dad, mom, and brother, whom i terribly missed after not seeing them for a while so i stayed behind in gotham city .

here are reminders (believe me, there are more) of what i missed out on. *sniffles*

when there's a motorhome involved, it could only mean one thing: someone's going places!

aryanna's uncle stu (tom's bro-in-law) and kiera (the cutest bichon frisé) inside their motorhome.
tom's sister and brother-in-law are passionate about two things: wine and...

no, not the desert, but close...

dune buggies! woo-hoo!

ichigo: let's get those things started!

on ichigo: t-shirt from barney's; diesel jeans and scarf; giordano concepts arm warmers; converse sneaks.

aryanna with her aunt linda (tom's sister). she is one col sister-in-law! you'll meet more of mr. roboto's family in the coming entries.

ichigo: i'm ready!!!

mr. roboto: be careful, aryanna.
ichigo: eat my dust, dad!
mr. roboto: bring it on!

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