April 07, 2009


piping hot & cold

while walking around little italy, we found a chic cafe to take a break in. we wanted the table by the window, but there were two ladies who took forever to leave the spot. i think we went around the block three times before we finally saw the table vacant. sheesh...

anyway, the wait paid off. look at how glorious the beautiful the sun was shining at the cafe...

we love the window of caffé roma!

iced coffee latté for buko, hot choco for ichigo, and capuccino for mr. roboto.

i prefer italian pastries over french ones. the rainbow-colored cookie is divine! i wish i asked what it was.

mr. roboto: "go ahead, make my day."

'chairs' by mr. roboto

ichigo: "let's order more cookies, mom!"
buko: "ask your dad."
ichigo: *afraid*

moments at the corner cafe

chillin' like villains
bbb... bad to the bone!
i love this photo that my husband took of aryanna. she looks badass with those shades, her pose, along with the magnum gun and muscle man posters in the background. this snap was taken a few streets from the cafe.

on ichigo: oakley sunglasses (borrowed from dad), topshop 'plastic toys need hugs too' t-shirt, viktor jeans, zara scarf, fingerless glove (freebie), converse red chucks, mbmj bag, and cat plushie.

beware of the cookie bandit
on buko: dior round sunnies, topshop oversize tee, american apparel leggings, fingerless gloves from giordano concepts, and boots bought in hong kong.


liza said...

hi ms. jen! super loved your outfit and aryanna too...super badass =P

nina said...

I LOVE BOTH YOUR OUTFITS HERE!!! hmm i wanna see you like that here in manila, buko! haha! i love it!!!

caryn said...

i just wanted to say---i love love your blog. the photos are great and your family is sooo interesting! keep em coming! ;-)

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