April 09, 2009



it was a cold day when we visited central park. how cold? well, actions speak louder than words...

i love this particular bench because of...

what was engraved on the metal plate. awww...
try to look for this bench in the park. it's really sweet!

ichigo: "just looking at the lake makes me feel cold."
buko: "look away then."

i find this photo too funny! both tom and aryanna look frozen.

ichigo: *locked jaw* "ersh verr-eh cord, morm."
buko: "huh?"

buko: "it's time to go guys."
*cricket... cricket...*
mr. roboto & ichigo: *frozen*


Camille said...

Aryanna has the nicest clothes! Where can I get her jacket? :D

Ichigo and Buko said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ichigo and Buko said...

her jacket is from jc penny.

nina said...

i love love love what aryanna is wearing!!! the fringed boots look so cool on her! ;)

Ichigo and Buko said...

oops! aryanna's pea coat is from j. crew, not jc penny:)

Anonymous said...

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Thanks, Murk!

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