April 18, 2009



tito ryan took aryanna shopping at one of her favorite stores, kinokuniya, a japanese bookstore located at 10 west 49th street, nyc.

japanese bookstores are like candy stores for aryanna. she can spend hours on end browsing and scouring for manga. she's been wanting to get inking pens to draw her manga, and found them at the bookstore.

ichigo: "i can live here."
ryan: "choose whatever you want."
ichigo: "please. don't say that."

ichigo: "i love pandas!"

samurai dude
ichigo: "if only i had white walls... the possibilities are endless." *evil grin*

inking pen
pool of ink put into good use.

"sugar is essential in drawing."

my little artist hard at play work

"look ma, dirty hands!"

ichigo: "my work's not ready yet. *hiss*

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