April 13, 2009


the family that jumps together, stays together.

the eppersons have done it again! :D
our crazy family's air running display has rubbed off on an equally crazy family. we lav et!

seriously, we're over the moon to have inspired one of our dear readers, nerissa, to do something fun and exhilarating with her family! they did their own air running exhibition, and judging from the photos they took, they had a blast!

mommy nerissa is airborne!

nerissa's youngest son, li, has the coolest moves!

nerissa'a eldest son, ries, jumps out of a helicopter! geronimo...


daddy james jumps for joy!
looks like mr. roboto's got some competition. :D

thanks nerissa for sharing your family photos!


kittydee said...

cool! it does look fun!

ms. jenni :: pauso ka kasi :D

i'm sure this will be another addiction by many.

let me try it with my hubby and my cat...

Ichigo and Buko "Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto!" said...

your cat? hahaha... that'll be interesting. send me photos, ok?

have fun!

Nerissa said...

YEHEY! It makes me want to do more...like at random/odd places where you don't expect jumping shots. Maybe at the museum or somewhere really strict and quiet...like the LIBRARY!

Anyway...thanks again, Ms. Jenni, for inspiring me to do something fun with my family.

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