April 26, 2009


no fuzzy bunnies

tom and aryanna spent easter at sherry's (sis-n-law) house in laguna beach, and from the looks of it, they had a blast! here are photos to remind me (again) of what i've missed out on.

darn! i love water gun fights!

lady in red. sherry (tom's eldest sis)

on the hunt. linda (tom's younger sis) and alison (tom's niece)

ali and friend, mimi

eggs + liquor = water gun fight!

alison: take cover, mom!
sherry: *falls over... snap...snap...*

mom: stop it, tommy!
tom comes from a family of jokers and mom is the master prankster! my mother-in-law is a hoot! lol... i have a better photo of her in the coming entries.

caught in the act! ha!

i love that my in-law's easter goodie bag had cute knick knacks, chocolates, jelly beans and liquor — my kind of famiglia! hahaha...

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MrsLavendula said...

hehehe! they do look like a fun bunch!

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