April 07, 2009



aryanna had a few hours to explore the big apple before attending her dad's '12 below show, so her uncle and aunt took her for a quick tour.

she was able to cover lots of grounds, considering she only had half a day to spare. thanks to tito ryan and tita she!

let the tour begin...

at the rockefeller center
on ichigo: zara blazer, topshop t-shirt, h&m cupcake skirt, leggings from sm department store, mbmj bag.

just taking it all in

little girl, big city!

top of the rock, baby!
"i see the statue of liberty waving at me!" *waves back*

ichigo: "hello..."
buko: "just checking on you... what are you doing?"
ichigo: "just riding the escalator."
buko: "that sounds like... fun?"
ichigo: "i know, right!" :D:D:D
buko: "oh-kay... bye, bye!"

with preggy tita she...

and tito ryan.
he's so sweet. he carries all of tita she's bags!

aryanna takes a bite at the big apple... literally. she's so cute!

time square
ichigo: "this was taken at times square. as you can see, there's the lion king in the background... and the trash can next to me. nice."

ichigo: "toys r' us behind me, and again, i'm next to the trash can. why?"

ichigo: "finally, a pole for a change. wheee..."

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nina said...

I MISS NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha i have to say, ichigo looks so cute here! ;)

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