April 13, 2009


not even close

we thought sabrett would cut it for lunch. we thought wrong.

it rained the moment we got to the sabrett man, so when there's a downpour, leave the damp 'dogs to the dogs.

nothing beats ambiance and heating on a cold, rainy day.

clearly, sabrett is no sarabeth's.

enjoy the food porn!
ichigo ordered their fat and fluffy french toast served with strawberry garnish and warm maple syrup.

mr. roboto's sandwich was made up of semolina bread, mozarella cheese, tomatoes, creamy avos, and a side salad of leafy greens.

i ordered the one great burger, fresh ground beef sirloin pattie, arugula, tomato on a brioche bun served with french fries. i love that they used an ice cream sundae cup to serve their fries. so out of the ordinary!

i love fries with salt and pepper.

cornichon much?

when it's cold, capuccino is key to ward off the chill. check out the foam made with perfection!

ichigo: "dad, do you think the rain's going to stop anytime soon?"
mr. roboto:
"did you see the size of the pancake on the other table?"
buko: "did anyone call the waiter?"

*sarabeth's and sabrett are located at the whitney museum of american art, 945 madison avenue new york, ny 10021

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nina said...

i love ichigo's jacket!! ;)

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