April 04, 2009


"hi, pat field!"

after having lunch at whole foods (our favorite) in bowery, i dragged my husband to the store of 'sex and the city's' super stylist, patricia field. her store was a stone's throw away from the organic grocery- a must-visit when in nyc.

i love pat field! she is always on the ball on what's cool.

i always knew i would meet her one day, but i didn't realize that it would be the day i visited her shop. how can one miss the woman with fiery red hair? as soon as i walked in the shop, i gravitated towards her and introduced myself. she was very nice, accommodating and did i say cool? she was.

pat and i :D

pat: "i like your skirt!
buko: "it's a dress, but i wear it as a skirt. i bought all colors!"
pat: "good decision."
buko: *almost passes out* lol

house of field clutch
i missed out on buying this pat field clutch a few years ago when rustan's had them, because my friend cellini beat me to the punch. she bought the canary yellow version, but i think prefer this electric blue edition!

i was able to muster up enough courage to ask ms. field to sign the clutch i bought. although, she struggled to wedge the sharpie inside the clutch. lol thanks, ms. field! :D

i'm a happy camper :D

this is what i finally wore to my husband's opening night.

on buko:
tango black knitted dress, topshop checkered stockings, giambattista valli shoes, gold swatch, jô by joyce oreña rubber bracelet charm (not seen in the photo), and my new signed pat field clutch.


fabgelous said...

OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! (ok, i think you get the point na) it's pat field!! i lalalalalalalooooove her to death!! i'm so envious, j!

nina said...

oh my gosh, ECSTATIC! hahahaha! tell me about it!!

Weyn Cueva said...

I remember your blog about Samsung Innov8. "The Secret strikes again!" Congrats on getting that bag and having Pat Field with you! :)

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