April 22, 2009



i think if you have a photographer as a dad, a stylist mom, and there's an opportunity (read: cool location), a fashion shoot is in order.

i was blown away by the photos that my husband took of aryanna in the desert! the pictures are stunning! i really love aryanna's cute and cool style! do you think i've used enough exclamation points on this post?!!!

ichigo: was that a tumbleweed?


ichigo: ok, let's move location now.

ichigo: i think it's time to...

... jump!

ichigo: uhm, dad, is that a scorpion i see?

ichigo: are we done yet, dad?
mr. roboto: last one... hundred.

our little wildflower.

on ichigo: topshop coat and tank top, diesel jeans, nooka watch, duck cap (part of a costume bought in tokyo), converse sneaks


nina said...

the last photo is adorable! i love that cap! ;)

Tita Becky A. said...

I enjoy both of your blogs!!

Kae said...

lovin it lovin it LUVIN IT! whew!

MrsLavendula said...

i agree with nina, the last photo is sweet, and the rest are as beautiful! the sand, vast blue skies and ichigo's yellow outfit, looks great!

kittydee said...

dad :: photographer

mom :: stylist

daughter :: model

this is one cool-fashion-lovey-dovey-family!

mumay said...

so cool! and ur daughter well what can i say...the camera love her !!!!!!!!!!!

Ichigo and Buko "Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto!" said...

yes, we are lovey-dovey! hahaha!

Anonymous said...

"lovey-dovey" slang for "sweet"!

teLai08 said...

wow. now i wish my parents are stylists and photographers too! i love love love ichigo's yellow coat!:)

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

My daughter would probably mug someone for that duck hat. She's a big fan of ducks. I better not show it to her.

Mads said...

Wow I love these photo series!! aryanna's so cute..Glad to stumble upon this blog will link you!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog ^_^

You guys seem like a cool family ^_^

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