April 06, 2009


tom: cool as ice

my husband's opening night at tyler rollins fine art would probably be considered one of the most memorable events of our lives.

the show was successful and ichigo and buko are very proud of mr. roboto!

here are some photos during the event:

tyler rollins and tom

tom's exhibit will be frozen in time in our hearts

tom's girls: aryanna, jenni and naomi. lol

awww... aryanna and tom look so cute!
on ichigo: zara sweater, better than bare polka dot dress, topshop heart bag, black tights and red converse sneaks. on mr. roboto: levi's tattered denim jacket, marc by marc jacobs t-shirt, zara checkered pants, converse by john varvatos multi-eyelet sneaks

we are family: ryan (my bro), buko, ichigo, mr. roboto, and sheryl (my sis-in-law), she's preggy! we can't wait for aryanna to have another cousin.

our friend marcel, who is a huge art collector, flew to ny to support tom. we are very grateful for his support!

over 300 hundred guests graced the event! wow!

tom's exhibit ended around 9:30 p.m. and we were ecstatic on how it all turned out. :D

to view tom's work, visit www.trfineart.com


Jay said...

Galing naman, Jen! CONGRATS to Tom! :D

nina said...

that's a really cute photo of ichigo and buko! CONGRATULATIONS mr. roboto!!! ;)

kittydee said...

congrats! really cool images!
wishing he'll show them here
in chicago.

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