March 31, 2009



you can never be too young...

nintendo saves the day.

canon powershot digital camera in cotton candy pink. this cam is super cute for kids and the kids-at-heart. don't let the toy-looking exterior fool you, it has 10 megapixel resolution, 4x optical zoom with image stabilizer.
mogi camera strap with popsicle charms from sm department store.

i love aryanna's stick figure drawing. so simple. so cool.

button pins are ichigo's brooch.
star button pins from h&m.

marc by marc jacobs stripe fingerless gloves

too old...

samsonite attache case and pink steamed bun plushy (a gift from aryanna).

or too manly for pink. :D

mr. roboto



start spreading the news: the eppersons are in town! lol
at jfk
*asks a stranger* "can you take our photo?"
stranger: "sure! as long as you take mine."
buko: "no problem."
stranger: "smile!"
ichigo, buko and mr. roboto: *deadpan*
stranger: "oh-kay..."

we know we’re in new york when:

it’s cold.

we run to the nearest 99⊄ store to buy our essentials.
we look for an asian restaurant to eat rice and beef.

our meal ticket is the supermarket.

our photos have “imported-looking” backgrounds:
random new york apartments

skateboard park

the manhattan bridge

the new york water supply building


time goes by… so slowly…

at lax airport
on mr. roboto: levi’s tattered denim jacket, calvin klein shirt and pants, converse by john varvatos. on ichigo: zara coat and striped scarf, viktor jeans, topshop black tank top, converse high-tops, topshop newsboy cap, ms. marc bag, marc by marc jacobs, samsonite attache case.

buko: giordano concepts knitted cardi with large safety pin, bayo long sleeves tee, liu-jo army green skirt, dior sunglasses, boots bought in hong kong, louis vuitton by stephen sprouse graffiti bag, diesel chain watch.

if justin and madonna danced because they had four minutes to spare, what would the eppersons do when they have four hours to spare before their next flight?

eat nachos

drink beer

play games


take pictures of our shoes

take a detailed shot of mr. roboto’s levi’s jacket
take more pictures…
tom left his scarf inside his luggage so I lent him my louis vuitton scarf and he also carried the pink samsonite computer case for me.
i think he can totally rock any outfit even if it’s mine! lol…

tom and aryanna are such goofballs!

and then there's me, the “serious” one.


line up

just when we can’t wait to get to our destination, all we seem to do is wait…

waiting in line to check-in…

waiting to board…

just bored.

taking photos of our plushies kept us entertained. lol
plushies are the cutest things!

March 24, 2009


an epperson tradition

every family has it's own special traditions. whether they are from generations long ago or born out of "integrated" families.

our family tradition is not from generations long ago, nor a ritual we started doing because of our "integrated" family. it's more of common sense, really. what to do when faced with a big bed and white, fluffy pillows?


March 23, 2009



when you're a professional photographer like my husband, no one camera suits all situations hence, he has 14 cameras.

he also has tons of lights, some things i don't understand, some things i do understand and some things i shouldn't understand. oh, did i mention he also has "equipment" for his music? yeah, most of which i don't understand too.

our family will be traveling soon so my husband decided that he needed a small point and shoot camera to carry around. after much research (too much in my opinion), he found his new toy.

canon g10, 14.7 megapixel digital camera
according to my husband, "this is perfect for my street photography. it's exactly what the doctor ordered." my question is... "what doctor?" lol

aryanna and i are both excited that my husband finally got a canon point and shoot. thanks canon! thanks frank! now, my daughter and i don't have to take turns taking pictures of each other. we're leaving the photography to the professional. woohoo!


twinkle! twinkle!

aryanna attended the graduation of her friend, mariko
today. she told me that she wanted to wear something festive and sparkly.

i think what she chose was perfect...

star bubble dress from topshop,
jô by joyce oreña fortune cookie charm bracelet and emily strange kitty rubber bracelet.

March 21, 2009

24K, 24/7

saudi gold

i'm loving gold these days. i've been looking for the perfect gold watch for a long time and i finally found one at swatch! well, it's not really made from pure gold, but that's why i like it. i love custom jewelry and watches!

my designer friend, rhett eala, came out with the new collezione 'pilipinas' gold philippines map-print dress. i think the dress worked well with my whole gold theme.

collezione 'pilipinas' dress by rhett eala, swatch 'goldfinger' watch, jô by joyce oreña rubber bracelet with coin charm, miu miu platforms, and rags2riches by aranaz 'maria rosa' clutch.

swatch 'goldfinger'

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