March 20, 2009


totem balloons

meet aryanna, my 12 -year old bundle of joy. she inspires me with her cute, cool style and carefree attitude.

she is my muse.

aryanna (a.k.a. ichigo)
aryanna wears a marc by marc jacobs hairband, a gift she got from my fashion show director friend robby, and a red clip-on hair extensions, also gift from a makeup artist i worked with.

this is my husband, tom. he's a surfer, potter, sand ball specialist, ponytail and braid expert. he suffers color blindness and tone deafness, yet he remains a great photographer and passionate musician in spite of his foibles. tom rocks!

he is my luva-luva!
tom (a.k.a. mr. roboto)
tom only wears 100% cotton tees. i bought him this zara monopoly-print t-shirt because i like the graphic detail of the game board.

hi! i'm jenni. i'm a stylist, fashion editor, mother, lover, bottled water collector and i suffer from dyslxeia. see what i maen.

my husband and daughter consider me the "serious" one in the family. i disagree of course. :D:D see, i use smiley faces. i'm fun.

this blog is the epperson's online photo album and it's dedicated to fun! fun! fun!
jenni (a.k.a. buko)
james perse t-shirt, james reyes buttoned-down corset, tango dress (used as skirt), rags2riches by aranaz 'maria rosa' tote, and marc jacobs flats with giant diamantes.


nina e. said...

i looove ichigo, buko and mr. roboto!!!

Amina said...

I'll steal pics of you and the bags! I'm enjoying this blog more than your multiply :)

Kae said...

Luvhin it soo much! Your Family is awesome!

teLai08 said...

for real? aryanna's only 12?? wow! what a sense of style!

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