March 21, 2009


happy feet

aryanna wears the cutest socks! i wish though that she'd get rid of her ratty converse. lol

i bought aryanna these socks in new york last year. i don't remember which store exactly.

buko: "i think it's time to throw away those shoes, aryanna."
ichigo: "mom, do you know how long it took me to get these sneakers this ratty?!!"
mr. roboto: "those are cool shoes."
ichigo: "domo arigato, mr. roboto!"
buko: *annoyed*

diesel jeans, topman socks, converse by john varvatos multi-eyelet sneakers
robot socks for mr. roboto.
i think it's cool that my husband wears funky socks.


wamjam said...

like father, like daughter...

fabgelous said...

haha, i understand aryanna for loving ratty chucks since i'm a kid (daw) as well! :p ratty chucks are soo comfy and cool! haha....aryanna, don't throw them out! ;p

Ichigo & Buko said...

trust me, she's keeping those shoes.

Sockluva said...

Those robot socks are super awesome!!!!!

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