March 31, 2009


time goes by… so slowly…

at lax airport
on mr. roboto: levi’s tattered denim jacket, calvin klein shirt and pants, converse by john varvatos. on ichigo: zara coat and striped scarf, viktor jeans, topshop black tank top, converse high-tops, topshop newsboy cap, ms. marc bag, marc by marc jacobs, samsonite attache case.

buko: giordano concepts knitted cardi with large safety pin, bayo long sleeves tee, liu-jo army green skirt, dior sunglasses, boots bought in hong kong, louis vuitton by stephen sprouse graffiti bag, diesel chain watch.

if justin and madonna danced because they had four minutes to spare, what would the eppersons do when they have four hours to spare before their next flight?

eat nachos

drink beer

play games


take pictures of our shoes

take a detailed shot of mr. roboto’s levi’s jacket
take more pictures…
tom left his scarf inside his luggage so I lent him my louis vuitton scarf and he also carried the pink samsonite computer case for me.
i think he can totally rock any outfit even if it’s mine! lol…

tom and aryanna are such goofballs!

and then there's me, the “serious” one.


Anonymous said...

this is definitely my favorite site! bar none! you have to update this everyday!

nina said...

the "SERIOUS" one hahaha! love it! ;)

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