March 31, 2009



start spreading the news: the eppersons are in town! lol
at jfk
*asks a stranger* "can you take our photo?"
stranger: "sure! as long as you take mine."
buko: "no problem."
stranger: "smile!"
ichigo, buko and mr. roboto: *deadpan*
stranger: "oh-kay..."

we know we’re in new york when:

it’s cold.

we run to the nearest 99⊄ store to buy our essentials.
we look for an asian restaurant to eat rice and beef.

our meal ticket is the supermarket.

our photos have “imported-looking” backgrounds:
random new york apartments

skateboard park

the manhattan bridge

the new york water supply building


John I. said...

Nice shot with manhattan bridge. Judging from the picture taken at JFK, I guess its safe to say everyone is tired! =) SMILE!!!!!!

Oh BTW, sent a message to your multiply account. I hope you have the time to read it.

Take care everyone!

nina said...

i love the photo at jfk, puh puh puh poker face much? hahahaha!!

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