November 30, 2009


one of the boys?

since it was bonifacio day (holiday), aryanna and i decided to "celebrate" at bonifacio high street. little did i know that "celebrate" meant aryanna hanging out with her peeps, while i did the usual boring adult stuff (according to aryanna, looking at furniture is boring).

aryanna's gear:

black wooden bead necklace, a cuteture sneak peek. striped knitted shirt from zara.

cream bonnet, zara

milk sling pouch, toy kingdom; white shorts, lost girl; leggings, zara; maryjanes, keds; d-board, toy kingdom

aryanna: "let's roll!"

aryanna's "peeps"

ichigo: "mom, stop taking photos!" *shakes head*
buko: "just one!"
ichigo: "you already took two shots!"
buko: "fine. i'll leave."

*after an hour
"i think it's time to leave."
ichigo: "what? no! not yet, please?"
buko: "ok, so when do you want to go?"
ichigo: "i'll let you know when. why don't you go look at more furniture?"
buko: *pfft!*

*one of the wheels of aryanna's d-board breaks
ichigo: *shows me the broken wheel* "mom..."
buko: "i guess it's finally time to leave, huh?"
ichigo: "yeah. it's a sign."
buko: "you think?"
ichigo: "thanks mom. i owe you!"
buko: *evil grin* "in that case, go with me to bo concept".
ichigo: "mom, i came here to d-board, not get bored!"
buko: *lol*


*MrsMartinez* said...

welcome back to blogspot ; )

Ichigo and Buko "Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto!" said...

nice to be back! :)

*MrsMartinez* said...

jenni you are next on my wish list ... i hope to meet you soon ; p
i have met:
daphne chuvaness:,
the baghag:

hoping to meet you soon xoxo

Ichigo and Buko "Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto!" said...

Hope to meet you soon Mrs. Martinez!

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