May 17, 2009


be my baby... forever.

tom and aryanna had a bit of photo op at my mother-in-law's living room. mom collects dolls (she makes her own) and crystals and she displays them liberally in her pristine living room. tom and i used to tease mom that the reason why she has a spotless living room is because no one was allowed to sit in it. kidding. lol... if i had expensive breakables in my living room, i would probably even put a sign: NICE TO LOOK AT, NICE TO HOLD, BUT IF YOU BREAK IT, IT'S CONSIDERED SOLD! hahaha...

the dolls in the photos look eerie as they seem so real, but aryanna loves them. most kids do.

aryanna with my mom-in-law's pooch, nikki. so cute!

on ichigo:
mickey mouse furry hat (from tokyo disneyland), better than bare polka dot dress and topshop heart bag.

ichigo: i 'heart' dolls.

nice try. not till you're 40, baby! lol


nina said...

aryanna!! you look like a doll here! i love it!! haha. xx

Mads said...

the camera loves her so much! the furry hat is too cute! Really enjoy your posts..


Pia said...

I like the last photo the most. Your Aryanna is such a doll.

Yoli said...

The furry hat gets me!

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