June 21, 2009


warning: contains small parts-not intended for use by children under 4 years of age and boneheaded adults. choking hazard.

i found this gummi bear bracelet at liz claiborne. it was a lucky find as i don't usually go to that store. who knew that liz made cute stuff? maybe izaac mizrahi's wit and whimsy influenced this collection. i knew aryanna would love this accessory.

ichigo: mom, this is so cuuuuute! can i bite it?
buko: ok. i'm sure you'll do it anyway when my back's turned, might as well do it when i'm watching.
ichigo: *bites* you wanna try biting it?

buko: no.

ichigo: c'mon! i know you want to!

buko: no.

ichigo: ccccc'mmmooonn...
buko: fine. *bites*

ichigo: now that we got that out of the way, isn't it liberating?

aryanna inspires me with her outfit choices. it's youthful, fun and cool at the same time.

on ichigo: aryanna snipped the tag of the shirt so we don't know what brand it is, but we bought it on sale at rustan's; skateboard-inspired shorts from bayo, keds patent mary janes and liz claiborne gummi bear bracelet.

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Gel said...

i love aryanna's sense of style. very young and quirky and also age-appropriate. i always enjoy seeing her in your blog because i so love her style. i wish i was like her when i was her age. then i wouldn't be ashamed of my old pics.

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