June 21, 2009


aryanna a.k.a. "ai" and mikah a.k.a. "hama"

meet "ai" and "hama." they call themselves the "twin-tuition" or "twinnx" because they have a lot of things in common.

i'm glad my daughter is best friends with mikah. just like aryanna, she is creative, funny, polite, loves sports and music. they have a lot in common and spend a lot of time together doing kids stuff:

rollerblading/skateboarding while pretending to be rock stars...

showing off their skills...

and posing for the camera.
they also do a lot of music videos that are campy and funny. one day, with their permission, i will post it here.

i've always been more fascinated with what's inside of a kids bag than grown-ups. i think they are more interesting, funny and borderline obscure.

what's inside mikah's bag:
clockwise: 'the nightmare before christmas' bag, nokia phone, 2 ticket stubs, mouse with heart bag chain, gel, bronze medallion, 2 unsharpened mongol pencils, ballpen, lighter (according to mikah, she "confiscated the lighter from her mom because she's pregnant. cute!), i pod nano, bills, rosary with virgin mary container, 'messy bessy' hand sanitizer, and a month-old gum.

what's inside aryanna's bag:
clockwise: emily strange bag, lucky star minature doll, mood ring, strawberry keychain, bingo card (why?), prescription glasses, motorola phone, strawberry-flavored "sipahh", tokidoki 'strawberry milk' figurine, emily strange wallet, wind-up sushi, digital tape and nintendo ds.

as you can see, there are so many obsure yet cute things you'll find inside a kid's bag. some things are head-scratchers (like bingo cards, toys and month-old gum), but more interesting than the used tissue you'll sometimes find inside a grown-up's purse. ew.

after playing at the park, the kids get a treat at mini stop.
their favorite: the giant sundae cone! wow. P10 promo.

spotted: we bumped into one of philippine fashion's designer icons, pitoy moreno at mini stop. i introduced the kids to mr. pitoy and he obliged us with a photo op. so cool!

i chatted with mr. pitoy and mentioned to him that when my husband took a photo of him for the phillippines year book a few years ago, he sent me a copy of his book and wrote a sweet dedication. i finally got to thank him personally and he was such an interesting man to talk to.


kwakaduck said...

hi! i am one of your family's dear followers :P i was just wondering where did aryanna get her emily strange bag? i have one awesome niece (who is turning 9 soon) and i want to get her one, i've been looking in malls but i cant seem to find a good one.. :)

the nightmare before christmas bag looks cool too..

Ichigo and Buko "Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto!" said...

hi kwakaduck!

i bought aryanna's emily strange bag two years ago at one of the sporting goods store in heeren shopping center, singapore. maybe you could try greenhills shopping center. sometimes they sell cool emily strange stuff, just make sure they're original.

kwakaduck said...

alright.. awesome.. will do.. thanks!

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