July 04, 2009


cold rock

when it comes to sweets and desserts, aryanna is the "master." she rarely eats junk, but when she does, she chooses the best of the lot. i didn't think cold rock was all that until aryanna pointed out...

buko: what's the big deal about cold rock anyway?
ichigo: mom. it's been my life long dream to mix several flavors of ice cream and ingredients in one cup. cold rock made my dreams come true!
buko: aryanna. you just had that yesterday.
ichigo: right. *evil grin*

"if you can dream it, we can ice cream it!"
-cold rock

dream in a cup

ichigo: they are mind-readers!

on ichigo: herbench red cap and white t-shirt, topshop black dress and glittery heart belt, levi's white watch and red chucks.

ichigo's record: 3 flavors of ice cream with 6 different ingredients.

another record: devoured in less than a minute! ouch! brain freeze!

ichigo: i love hearts! my favorite is the silver double heart ring my dad gave me for my 11th birthday.

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