July 10, 2009


hot chocolate break

i still have a lot of photos that i haven't uploaded from our last trip to new york, so i will just randomly post it here since this is really more of an online family album than a blog.

one of the best cafes we've visited in the big apple was the city bakery located at 3rd west 18th street, footsteps from 5th avenue. they are known for their breakfast pastries (each one is hand made with organic flour), their cookies are the most popular in the city, and they bake them every 30 minutes all day long. they also serve one of the best hot chocolate by maury rubin. the city bakery
is also the creator of birdbath neighborhood green bakery — a must-visit place also when you're in nyc.

the ambiance is cozy and the smell of the place wreaks of good chocolate, dessert and divine food. it's the perfect place to have a coffee or hot choco break!

the food station and cashier are located at the center of the coffee shop.

a special room houses some of the best chocolates in the city.

warm, soft and mouth-watering cookies!

a cool diner is located on the first floor.

cookies and pastries served fresh from the oven.

get a heads up from the city bakery via twitter. don't you just love twitter?

i ordered brewed coffee and a hard cookie. i prefer hard cookies over soft ones.

tom and aryanna got the same black bottom. aryanna had hers with hot choco and tom with capuccino.

melt in your mouth goodness!

they serve their hot chocolate in a small bowl. aryanna used a straw to sip it — how cute!

this is how she does it. tom and i were amused by her.

a candid shot of aryanna and i taken by mr. roboto. why do we look so serious?

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