July 10, 2009


it's never too late to stay young

one of the gifts being married to tom is that there is never a dull moment with him. he is a born adventurer, a master prankster and a joker. unlike me, who's uptight and serious. not anymore. when you are part of this family, you have to be able to dish it out and take it as well. over the years, i have learned to loosen up and hone my skills on pranks and dishing it well.

it is no surprise that aryanna turned out to be another joker. i wish i recorded all her funny one-liners and comebacks because she is sharp as a tac when it comes to dishing it out. she just has to learn how to take it, but she's only twelve. she's allowed to be sensitive once in a while. lol

if you are wondering why aryanna is busting up in this photo, it's because we were planning an "attack" on dad. strategy and the element of surprise are the key to a successful prank.

researching and planning for a good strategy.

must. read.

research material

buko: did you find anything we could use on dad?
not really, but i found something i'd like to try.
you won't like it.
*excited* i'll like it! c'mon, show me.
*shows the page*
lol... told you.

nice try.

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Elisha said...

Cool book! Where did you buy it?

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