July 11, 2009


roughhouse dining

the last time we were in new york, we discovered a hole in the wall dimsum place in chinatown. while looking for a place to have lunch, we spotted the red, bold signage of dimsum go go. the restaurant was packed with chinese people, foreigners and a que of other customers lining up for a table. clearly, this place was the place to eat at, but we were too hungry to line-up.

we went back to dimsum go go for a late dinner that night and we understood why people lined-up at this joint — the food was simple, tasty, and you didn't feel bloated and lethargic from msg after eating.

it was almost closing time when we left the place, but before leaving we chatted a bit with the waiters. they shared with us that the place has been there for nine years and there are a lot of locals, tourists and celebrities that frequent their restaurant. they also told us that their new lease is coming up and they fear that if the rent goes up, they may have to close down the place or move. we hope not, because their current location has character and the food was superb.

we went back to dimsum go go several times during our stay and i even took some friends who had been living in new york for years and had never heard about the place. everyone gave it a two thumbs up.

dimsum go go is located at 5th east broadway (212-732-0796).

check out the numerous awards and positive reviews on dimsum go go.

write your own orders. this is a fun and smart way to take orders. no pictures though, but the food is pretty self-explanatory.

complementary oolong tea

peanuts and assorted dimsum sauces

steam buns (tdf) and assorted dimsum

fried spring rolls

i forgot the name of this dish, but it has a mushroom filling and wrapped in rice wrappers with light soy sauce and vinegar.

ichigo: i'm full. let's go home.
mr. roboto: cool red signage.


psyche said...

I love dimsum!

Arlini said...

nice post =)

Anonymous said...

the rice wrapper rolls are called cheung fun. yum-e!

Ichigo and Buko, "Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto!" + Baby Borris said...

@Anonymous Oh! Thanks for the info! Yeah, we loved the cheung fun—it was FUN to eat them!;D

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