July 05, 2009


national bookstore eco bag

unlike some grown-ups, kids really don't care about branded bags. what's important to them is that it looks cool and functional. cool usually means cute to grown-ups. or not.

one of aryanna's favorite bags is the national bookstore eco bag that we got for free two years ago. once in a while, the eco bags are available in selected national bookstore branches. you just have to ask the sales people to check inside the stock room for stocks.

i asked aryanna what she liked about the bag:

ichigo: mom, you don't see this kind of red color anymore, plus it's easy to see what's inside my bag.
buko: isn't it dangerous that people can see through your bag?
ichigo: mom, the little money that i have is not worth the thief's time.
buko: what about your other stuff?
ichigo: like what? the books we bought for my book reports? please, by all means, someone please steal them!
buko: hahaha...

the perfect red color!

ichigo: this bag "airs" my stuff.

ichigo: stop it, mom! let's go home. i still have books to read and so much assignments. i wish someone would steal my books. just leave the 'persepolis 2' and my manga.

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psyche said...

aryanna's one cool kid. :)

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